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November Favourites |

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Bucket List - Amsterdam

After visiting Amsterdam twice before, I knew it would be the perfect little Christmas get away for Charlie and I to experience the beautiful city together. Though I’ve been before, there is so much to do that it’s just impossible to fit everything in - but there are definitely some things I would love to do this time!

Cycle along the canals - such a cheap way of seeing the city, and with the city being so big, bicycles are their main source of transport. This is something I definitely have to do!Watch the Light Festival - (29 November - 20 January). You can either walk through the city and stand to watch or they do canal tours where you ride through the lights!Go ice skating outside the Rijksmuseum- this will feel so christmassy!Walk through Vondelpark - going at Christmas just makes it feel so much more special. I didn’t get to walk the parks previously as I had so much planned but I will definitely make time for it this time.Visit Amsterdam Icebar - this seems such a fun experience.…

Mental Health Crisis Kit |

If you struggle with mental illnesses, it can be hard. Anxiety especially, experiencing bouts of panic can be all too familiar - almost anything can trigger an anxiety attack at any time, from daily worries to disagreements, or something to do with school/work.  Anxiety attacks often plunge both your body and mind into fight-or-flight mode, which then impairs your higher cognitive functions and disrupting your digestive system. You may feel irrational, physically sick or incapable of finding a solid ground to pull yourself out of this state.  Once an anxiety attack starts, it can sometimes feel impossible to stop yourself from spiralling, so this is where a crisis kit can be invaluable to you - it is essentially a collection of comforting things which can help when you're starting to feel a bit naff.

Headphones - I ALWAYS carry headphones with me, regardless of where I'm going or who I'm with, but it's nice to be able to zone out and remove background noise whilst liste…

My Contraceptive Story | Part 1

Sometimes, talking about contraception and periods can be a daunting subject for some - but it's something all girls go through and should therefore be spoken about. 

I recently had the implant fitted (Nexplanon), after trying various different contraceptive methods, this was my last resort.  After trying both the mini pill's (Millinette and Rigevidon) which didn't agree with me and both gave me horrible side effects: headaches, mood swings, making my anxiety much worse, cramps and making my period extremely heavy when I had the week off the pill. I had previously been on the depo injection for 6 years (15-21) and was advised by my doctor to have a break, let my body breathe and have a couple of periods to let my body release all the nasty toxins.

After having a break whilst trying the mini pills, I decided to go back on the depo as it seemed to be the best option for me (although it can cause weight gain, in the 6 years, my weight only ever fluctuated slightly either way), …

October Favourites |

October has been a whirlwind of a month, I am finally into the swing of my Masters degree and already hoping and praying I make it out alive.  This month has gone by so quick that I've blinked and today its Halloween.  I've had a quiet month and haven't done anything too exciting, but meeting new people in Uni has been amazing.  I thought I would put together this post to show you what I've been loving this month.

I'm guilty of saying I spend most of my time just aimlessly scrolling through Insta throughout the day to procrastinate when I sure as hell have enough to do, but that being said, there are some gorgeous accounts and here are two of my fav's this month! I've followed Lauren for so long, and I am literally obsessed with how cute her instagram is, & for the past month or so I've been getting serious Nail Inspo fromNAF! Salon, I now have nails saved for every occasion of the year! 
I know I'm about 2 months late to the game, but…